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25 Best Free Android Games

25 Best Free Android Games to download for free

1st. iMobsters ™

This is a multiplayer online game mafia iMassively that more than 1.6 million player join. With beautiful graphics, you can download free updates tasks, new weapons, real estate and much more.

2nd Live Hold'em Poker Pro

Join # 1 Android play online poker with millions of players, poker pros to beginners. IM, personal avatars, games, ring, gold daily free some great features of the pro game live poker Texas Hold'em.

3rd Robo Defense

Experiencing the most mobile Tower Defense Defence game. With maps, upgrades, beautiful graphics performance, free version of the card game with 11 levels of difficulty.

4th Mousetrap

Mice is a puzzle game, simple but very addictive. The goal is to help the trapped mouse, find the exit of the maze.

5th Nin Jump

Drop-out of the paper makers, here comes another fun game for free download Android. Enjoy Free Game Studios backflip jump Nin.

6th Paradise Island

Paradise Island is a wonderful simulation game you will be prompted to create your own empire. Island is a paradise for all game lovers of sun and sea, to build them a break from the work of their sunny island.

7th Yo Ninja! FREE

Yo Ninja is a simple but pleasant as possible to push the arcade game is now available on Android Market. Gravity is a fast game that the player creates a strange world neck of gravity.

8th Bubble Blast 2

Explosion Bubble 2 is a free game for Android, it's addictive, you will find it easy to begin but hard to stop. This is a puzzle game where you burst bubbles in a chain reaction to eliminate it.

9th Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack is a game, as the name suggests, an online game. Play blackjack challenge your friend on Facebook for free chips one day with this cool new game Play Dragon, creator Hold'em Pro for life!

10th Math Maniac

She likes math maniac figures. This highly addictive game where you combine the numbers for the same number of lower-left corner just 10 seconds. The game is free until you want to go for customized versions.

11th Speed Anatomy

Touching the human body to study anatomy anatomy with addictive game speed, addictive game that tests your speed and challenges your knowledge of human anatomy.

12th Paper Toss

All times paper game finally on the roll is for Android. Bored at work, crumpled piece of paper and count how many times you can get a little garbage can? Toss game similar to the paper, but with advanced features and much more.

13th Robotek

We all know that robots have conquered the world. Robotek game gives you the opportunity to take back. Rip through your enemies with lasers, to shock them or fry them with microwaves. Embed your robot to fight for you or steal your enemy. Protect and upgrade your forces and throw them in the brutal wave of destruction.

14th Contract Killer

Implemented and Assassin, they call it what you want, you're a murderer. The assassin is a game that you can experience exciting to kill your enemies. Choose your weapon and go on a secret mission. Install the game for free and enjoy!

15th iRunner

iRunner is the best speed / pace of the game, comes with high-definition graphics, unique game. Overcome obstacles as possible to collect batteries to collect donations and more heat to the tasks you need to do to win the game.

16th Droid Tac Toe

Enjoy Tic Tac Toe on Android experience true! Tic Tac Toe with a cool modern design theme Android hive is a good way to pass the time in those boring moments.

17th Unblock me

FREE Lock Me is a game, simple and addictive puzzle that the player the Reds block on board by calls to get other stones on the road. The game comes with 1200 puzzles of the total value of hours of game you are challenged.

18th Electopia

Electopia OpenGL ES 2.0 is the representative of advanced real-time games mobile world. It provides an accurate measurement of graphics performance, combined with unique features like the ability to power of the GPU with other factors such as the LCD resolution of the system to be isolated, you can enjoy the game completely.

19th Snake

Created with love by a team XIMAD, is the improved Snake game with stunning graphics game that promises to improve your game.

20th Angry Birds

Angry Birds IOS is a popular game that Android is now made available shocking is that more than two million downloads made his first weekend of availability. Currently, the Android version is available via the Android Market is free.

21st Drag Racing

Drag racing is one of the most addictive game with realistic controls 50 + cars. The game offers realistic features including checks, regularly updated with new features and added 10 000 new players every day!

22nd Sushi Slash

Sushi just cut the game you can control how fast you can go your eyes and fingers. Better than the cutting board, destroy most of the form, you play to get to the next level. Slash is a game Sushi Android available for free download.

23rd Aporkalypse Free

This is a puzzle game with 30 challenging levels. The player must collect coins piggy aporkalyptic awesome action-packed adventure to enjoy.

24th Rotate and Roll

Rotate and roll is a fun game that was an android. Balance balls and rollers to finish a level, rolling the ball (s) left to a bubble. Watch out for bad spirit balls balls! The game comes with an integrated level editor so you can enjoy the game to the fullest.

25th SpeedX

SpeedX controlled acceleration is amazing-race tunnel with amazing 3D graphics. This is a challenging and addictive game that is simply addictive.


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